2-5-6 Trajectory Comparison

Same uy, different ux


  • All three projectiles have the same vertical motion since they have the same initial vertical velocity uy.
  • Since the time of flight is the same, the horizontal range is proportional to horizontal velocity ux.

Same ux, different uy


  • The maximum height is proportional to uy2.
  • All three projectiles actually move forward at the same speed since they have the same horizontal velocity ux.
  • But the horizontal range is also dependent on uy, resulting in the horizontal range being also proportional ot uy.

Same θ, different u


  • Both the maximum height and horizontal range are proportional to u2.

Same u, different θ


  • Increasing θ results in increasing uy but decreasing ux.
  • The projectile launched at θ = 15° lands at the spot at the once launched at θ = 75°. This is because even though it moves forward at a higher speed, it stays in flight for a shorter time.
  • The maximum range is attained at θ = 45°.

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