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Hi all! Welcome to xmphysics. I am Chua Kah Hean, a Physics teacher currently at Hwa Chong Institution. Students call me Mr Chua.

I have sunk in hundreds if not thousands of hours producing video resources for the learning of A-level Physics. Many times I have wanted to give up. Many times colleagues have asked me why not spend the time giving private tuition instead? I can easily increase my monthly pay by a few thousand dollars. Or better still, quit school and set up a tuition centre. Even if I do not become one of those millionaire tutors, making a 6 digit yearly income shouldn’t be too difficult for me.

Rich Singapore parents do not blink an eye spending thousands of dollars a month to buy tuition for their children. Which teacher is not tempted? Which teacher does not want to “just teach”? Which teacher does not at some point in time wish their uncooperative students, nasty parents and wayang colleagues disappear, to be replaced by appreciative paying customers? Continuosly, the tuition industry draws good teachers away from the public schools. While it is arguable whether the rich students get their money’s worth buying themselves a seat in a 30-student tuition class conducted by a “star” tutor, the poor students do clearly suffer because the tuition industry pulls good teachers away from them.

Perhaps I am too naive. But I want to do my part to level the playing field. So I make my resources available to everyone on the internet, so that all students, whether rich or poor, have the same access. So far, the viewership is spectacularly miserable. I think it’s because my resources (1) are not comprehensive enough, (2) not user-friendly enough and (3) are not marketed shamelessly enough. For (1), I will continue to produce video resources to plug the gaps. For (2), I am putting together topical xmphysics packages on this blog so that my resources are more organized. For (3), I will have to count on you to recommend my work to your friends/colleagues.

Of course, this project will take a long time. (You know I still have to mark exam scripts, write reference letters, call parents, attend meetings, sing the national anthem, etc) Yup, maybe I will get demoralised  along the way and give up. Maybe I will throw in the towels and join the tuition industry. Meanwhile, I will like to apologize to my wife and children. They could all be dirty rich if I am not so stupid.


P.S. I wish more teachers can join me. I know my videos have room for improvement, but so far, it’s basically just I, me and myself.


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