About xmLecture

The plan is to deliver physics lectures in pdf documents, packed with clear explanations, supported by clickable links to awesome physics demonstrations and animations.

  • This lecture series is based on the H2 syllabus
  • If you’re using a softcopy, you can click on the links directly to access the supporting videos/simulations/etc.
  • If you prefer, you can read from a printed hardcopy. What about the urls then? Easy. E.g. If you see <201>, just open an internet browser on your laptop or tablet and go to xmphysics.com/201.
  • If you see an embedded pdf, they are meant to be viewed in full screen mode, so that you can “page down” through the “slides”. (These pdf files are actually converted form powerpoint slides, so)
  • If you find any mistake (i am prone to obvious typo errors), please let me know. Thanks!