Hi! My name is Chua Kah Hean. I taught at Hwa Chong Institution for ~15 years before “retiring” on 4 July 2022.

I was an electronics engineer (a pretty good one) for 5 years. I never imagined that I would become a teacher. My handwriting on the whiteboard is ugly. My drawings are laughable. My voice is unimpressive. I am extreeeemely introverted. Talking to people drains me. I get nervous before lessons. I feel like throwing up before lectures. It is probably fair to say that the career switch to become a teacher was a mistake (from my point of view). I should have become a scientist at some research lab. But luckily, I turn out to be a pretty good teacher too (according to students). Students say that I am good at explaining. Make complicated stuff easy to understand. Make boring things funny. For that, I am grateful.

One thing that bothers me now and during my teaching career, is students getting stressed and feeling helpless when studying physics. Doing physics research is hard. But learning A-level physics should be fun and easy. I believe that, aptitude aside, what students need are (1) good resources and (2) good learning habits/attitude. As a teacher, I find it an embarrassment that (1) is not more widely available. Hence(?), over the years, I have been producing and sharing physics learning resources on xmphysics.com. Now that I am “retired”, I have taken it upon myself to build xmphysics.com into the best independent learning portal for all A-level physics students. It’s an epic project that has tested, is testing, and will continue to test my stamina, resolve and faith.

I don’t want to calculate the amount of money I have forgone building xmphysics instead of giving private tuition. Many friends have urged me to monetize the website. But I have (so far) insisted to make my resources publicly accessible. No subscription fees. No paywalls. Just use first and pay me later when you have the money. I made this choice because I don’t want to disadvantage any money poor students (same reason I am not giving private tuition). But let me make this clear. I do want to be rewarded for my sacrifice. I do want to be crazy rich. So if you have benefitted from xmphysics.com, or if you find xmphysics a meaningful project, please support me!

If you’re from Singapore, you can paynow/paylah me!
If not, you can paypal me. (Paypal takes a minimum $3 cut though)
Or if you prefer, you can be my patreon. (Patreon takes a cut too)

A note of appreciation and gratitude to my supporters.
K***y Kuo $140++
K***y O’Neal $10
J*******r Jayakavisankar $0.40
Cheng K***n $10
Wang Y**i $1.99

Thank you. I really appreciate your support. I want you to know that your kindness is going to help many students become confident and happy learners.

If you’re a fellow teacher (or confident and helpful student), and you have any video relevant to any part of xmphysics, PLEASE, email me the URL. For example, if you have a YouTube video explaining the operation of a transformer, I would love to insert your URL to the transformer section of xmLecture. Or if you have made any video explanation for any TYS question or one of my xmMCQ question, I would love to stick your URL to that question. A million thanks in advance!

Feel like to drop me an email. (But please don’t ask me for private tuition. I am afraid that once I start earning the easy money from the rich students, I will lose my motivation for xmphysics. So please don’t tempt me)

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