6 Circular Motion

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6.1 Kinematics of Circular Motion
+++6.1.1 Angular Displacement
+++6.1.2 Angular Velocity
+++6.1.3 Centripetal Acceleration
+++++ Derivation
6.2 Uniform Circular Motion
+++6.2.1 Examples
+++6.2.2 The Origin of the Centripetal Force
+++6.2.3 The Centrifugal Force?
+++6.2.4 It’s the NET Force!
6.3 Vertical Circular Motion
+++6.3.1 Ferris Wheel
+++6.3.2 Got to be Fast
+++6.3.1 Got to be Slow

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Demonstrations: Click HERE

Angular Velocity: Click HERE
Centripetal Acceleration: Click HERE
Centripetal Force: Click HERE

Video Explanations: Click HERE

Worked Examples: Click HERE

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