6 Circular Motion

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6.1 Kinematics of Circular Motion
+++6.1.1 Angular Displacement
+++6.1.2 Angular Velocity
+++6.1.3 Centripetal Acceleration
6.2 Uniform Circular Motion
+++6.2.1 Centripetal Force
+++6.2.2 Pendulum and Conical Pendulum
+++6.2.3 Problem Solving
++++++ Airplane Turning in a Horizontal Circle
++++++ Car turning on a Banked Curve
++++++ Gravitron Amusement Ride
++++++ Ferris Wheel
6.3 Non-Uniform Circular Motion
+++6.3.1 Critical Speed
+++6.3.2 Problem Solving
++++++ Swing the Pail
++++++ Loop-the-Loop
++++++ Over-the-Hump
6.A Derivation of v2/r

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Demonstrations: Click HERE

Angular Velocity: Click HERE
Centripetal Acceleration: Click HERE
Centripetal Force: Click HERE

Video Explanations: Click HERE

Worked Examples: Click HERE

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