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What causes friction? What factors affect the maximum friction between two surfaces? Does friction always act in opposite direction to motion? (xmphysics)

Vertical Friction (xmdemo)

Till Death do Us Part (xmdemo)


Air Resistance (Drag force)

What causes air resistance? What are the factors affecting it? (xmtutor)

Paper Race (xmdemo)

Rubber Band Shooting (xmdemo)


Fluid Pressure

What causes fluid pressure? Can you derive the formula for hydrostatic pressure? (xmdemo)

Is pressure a vector or scalar? (xmdemo)

Pressure Mat (xmdemo)

Aquarium Pig (xmdemo)



What is the origin of upthrust? (xmphysics)

Can you derive the formula for upthrust acting on a

  • For a regularly shaped object (xmtutor)
  • For an irregularly object of any shape? (xmphysics)

A stone tied to a string is slowly lowered slowly into a pond until it rests on the floor. How would the forces of tension, upthrust vary during this motion? (xmdemo)

How is something as heavy as a ship (made of iron) able to stay afloat? (xmphysics) (xmdemo)

A boat is floating in a lake with its anchor in the boat. What happens to the water level when the anchor is dropped into the lake? (xmdemo)

Floating Golf Ball (xmdemo)

Cartesian Diver (xmdemo)

Reverse Cartesian (xmdemo)

Water Bridge (xmdemo)

Water See-saw (xmdemo)


Translational Equilibrium

Can you solve those “Net Force is Zero” problems?

When a 50 g lifts a 100 g (xmdemo)


Rotational Equilibrium

Do you have any problem figuring out the pivot distance? (xmtutor)

When (and why) can we take moments about any point? (xmtutor)

3 forces result in rotational equilibrium. Must the 3 forces intersect at the same point? (xmtutor)  (xmdemo)

CG Toy (xmdemo)


Static Equilibrium

Can you solve those “Leaning Ladder” problems? (xmtutor)

Can you solve those “Force at the Hinge” problems? (xmtutor)

Can you solve those “When will it Topple” problems?

Seeking CG (xmdemo)



Pressure in a Balloon (xmdemo)

Suck in suck out (xmdemo)

Accelerated Buoys (xmdemo)

Accelerated Tied Buoys (xmdemo)

Eleven Dollars (xmdemo)


Beyond the H2 Syllabus

Celtic Stone (xmdemo)