04 Forces

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4.1 Review of Common Forces
+++4.1.1 Frictional Force
++++++ Laws of Friction (beyond H2 syllabus)
+++4.1.2 Drag Force
++++++ Laws of Drag Force (beyond H2 syllabus)
+++4.1.3 True Weight and Apparent Weight
++++++ Centre of Mass vs Centre of Gravity
4.2 Hydrostatic Pressure
+++4.2.1 Atmospheric Pressure
4.3 Upthrust
+++4.3.1 Archimedes’ Principle
+++4.3.2 Law of Floatation
+++4.3.3 Worked Examples
+++4.3.4 Demonstrations
4.4 Translational Equilibrium
4.5 Rotational Equilibrium
+++4.5.1 Moments
+++4.5.2 Couple
4.6 Static Equilibrium
+++4.6.1 Why must 3 forces intersect at the same point?
Appendix A: Free Body Diagram

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