7 Gravitation

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7.1 Gravitational Force
+++7.1.1 Satellite Motion
+++7.1.2 Geostationary Orbit
+++7.1.3 Comparisons of Orbits
7.2 Gravitational Field Strength
+++ 7.2.1 Gravitational Field of a Point Mass
+++ 7.2.2 Earth’s Gravitational Field Strength
+++ 7.2.3 True g and Apparent g
7.3 Gravitational Potential and Energy
+++ 7.3.1 Escape Velocity
7.4 Gravitational Potential
+++ 7.4.1 Gravitational Potential of Point Mass
7.5 Potential Energy Gradient and Potential Gradient
7.6 PCOE Problems
7.7 Energy of Satellites
7.A Space Travel+

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