Gravitational Potential Energy and Gravitaional Potential

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Gravitational Potential Energy and Gravitational Potential

Why is GPE always negative? (xmphysics)

Can you derive the formula for GPE of two point masses? (xmtutor)

What is gravitational potential? (xmphysics)


Projectile away from an Astronomical Mass

Is it possible for one to jump out of the Earth’s gravitational field? (xmphysics)

How do you calculate the escape velocity from the Earth? (xmtutor)

Sketch the energy graphs for a projectile moving away from Earth. (xmtutor)


Projectile between Two Astronomical Masses

What is the relationship between GPE and Fg? (xmphysics)

Projectile is launched from Moon. What is the launch speed to reach Earth? (xmtutor)



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