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SUVAT Equations

Can you derive the SUVAT equations? (xmtutor)

Can you sketch the Graphs for each SUVAT equation? (xmtutor)


Graphs of Two Objects

Given the v-t graphs of two objects, what is the significance of

  • The intersecting point
  • The sandwiched area


Uniform Acceleration Motion

Why do objects free fall at the same rate regardless of mass? (xmdemo) (yayaPhysics)

Why is the displacement proportional to time-square (yayaPhysics)

Why does a ball rolling down accelerate at a constant rate? (xmdemo) (xmtutor)

Can you sketch the s-t, v-t and a-t graphs for


Air Resistance

What causes the phenomena of Terminal Velocity? (yayaPhysics)

Can you sketch the st, vt and at graphs for a Vertical Throw with Air Resistance? (yayaPhysics) (xmtutor)


Viscous Drag

Can you sketch the vt and at graphs for a ball bearing dropped into a column of honey? (xmtutor)


Projectile Motion

Is Projectile Motion uniform acceleration motion? (xmphysics) Travellator (xmdemo) Ting-ting-ting (xmdemo) Horizontal Launcher (xmdemo)

Can you sketch the trajectory of a projectile motion? (xmtutor) the worksheet

Can you predict how the range and vertical height changes when the following change to the launch velocity is made?

  1. Only the horizontal component is doubled.
  2. Only the vertical component is doubled.
  3. The launch speed is doubled.

Can you show why the maximum range occurs when the projection angle is 45°? (yayaPhysics) (xmtutor)



Shoot the Monkey (xmdemo) (xmtutor)