18 Nuclear Physics

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18.1.0 Properties of Nuclei
+++18.1.1 Rutherford Alpha-Particle Scattering Experiment
+++18.1.2 Neutrons Protons Electrons
+++18.1.3 Nuclides
18.2.0 Nuclear Binding
+++18.2.1 Mass-Energy Equivalence             
+++18.2.2 Mass Defect and Binding Energy
18.3.0 Nuclear Reactions
+++18.3.1 Nuclear Fusion
+++18.3.2 Nuclear Fission
+++18.3.3 Binding Energy per Nucleon
18.4.0 Radioactivity
+++18.4.1 Alpha Decay
+++18.4.2 Beta Decay
+++18.4.3 Gamma Decay
+++18.4.4 Properties of Radiation
+++18.4.5 Activity
+++18.4.6 Background Radiation
18.5 Biological Effects of Radiation
Appendix A: Einstein’s Equations
Appendix B: Nuclear Force
Appendix C: Magic Numbers
Appendix D: Segre chart             
Appendix E: Geiger-Muller Counter

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PhET Rutherford Scattering: Click HERE

PhET Nuclear Fission: Click HERE

Walter Fendt The Law of Radioactive Decay: Click HERE

Walter Fendt Radioactive Decay Chains: Click HERE

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