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Wave Propagation

Consider sound. How do you know sound is a wave? How does sound propagate through air? (xmphysics)

Given the displacement-distance graph, how do you tell the direction of motion of a point in the wave at this instant? (xmtutor)


Phase Relationship

What is the phase relationship between points along a progressive wave? (xmdemo)

Given the displacement-distance or displacement-time graphs, how do you calculate the phase difference between two points along the wave or two oscillations? (xmtutor)



What is the difference between power and intensity? (xmphysics)

How does intensity and amplitude of a 1D, 2D and 3D wave decrease with distance? (xmtutor)


Sound Wave

What is a longtidunal wave? (xmdemo)

Given the displacement-position graph, can you identify the positions of compression and rarefactions? (xmtutor)


EM Wave

How to “memorise” the electromagnetic spectrum? (xmphysics)

What is Malu’s Law? (xmtutor)

How does adding a third polariser between two crossed polarisers allow light to pass through? (xmtutor)


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