8 Oscillations

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8.1 Simple Harmonic Motion
+++8.1.1 SHM in time-domain
+++8.1.2 SHM in the x-domain
+++8.1.3 The Half-Amplitude Problems
8.2 Restoring Force
+++8.2.1 Natural Frequency             
8.3 Energy of Oscillation
+++8.3.1 SHM Energy in time-domain
+++8.3.2 SHM Energy in the x-domain
8.4 Damped Oscillations             
+++8.4.1 Practical Applications of Damping
8.5 Forced Oscillation
+++8.5.1 Resonance Curve
+++8.5.2 Effect of Damping on Resonance
8.A Angular Frequency vs Angular Velocity
8.B More Demonstrations

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Damped Oscillation: {ngsir applet}
Resonance: {ngsir applet}
Resonance: {walter fendt applet}

Damping Graphs: Click HERE