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What’s an oscillation? What is the role of the restoring force in an oscillation? How is a simple harmonic motion different from other oscillations? (xmdemo)

What is a free oscillation? What determines the natural frequency of a SHM? (xmdemo)


Kinematics of Simple Harmonic Motion

Use the xt, vt and at graphs to show that for SHM a=-ω2x . (xmtutor)

Sketch the ax and vx graphs. Derive the vx equation. (xmtutor)

Work out the time taken for an SHM to progress from the equilibrium position to half the amplitude. (xmtutor)


Dynamics of Simple Harmonic Motion

Using N2L, derive the formula for the period of a vertical spring-mass system. (xmtutor)

Case Study: Sand on Oscillating Plate (xmtutor)


WEP of Simple Harmonic Motion

Sketch the energy-time graphs for a SHM. Work out the formula for KE, PE and TE. (xmtutor)

Sketch the energy-displacement graphs for a SHM. Work out the formula for KE, PE and TE. (xmtutor)

Case study:  Sketch the GPE, KE, EPE-displacement graphs for a vertical spring-mass system. (xmtutor)



What’s the difference between underdamped, overdamped and critically damped oscillations?  (xmdemo)

Sketch the xt graphs for damped oscillations. (xmtutor)



What is a forced oscillation? (xmdemo)

Sketch a typical resonance graph. (xmtutor)

What effect does damping have on the resonance amplitude? (xmdemo)

Sketch the resonance graphs at different amount of damping. (xmtutor)


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