Use Now Pay Later

This website is a god send to any student preparing for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-level H2 Physics (Syllabus 9749) Examinations (or other similar year-12 or pre-university physics exams).

To make sure that no money poor student is disadvantaged, everything on xmphysics is provided on a “use now pay later” basis. Based on your own conscience, you decide when and how much to pay.

If you’re from Singapore, please paynow/paylah me!
If not, you can paypal me. (Paypal takes a minimum $3 cut though)
Or if you prefer, you can be my patreon. (Patreon takes a cut too)

Thank you. May the the joy of learning be with you forever.😊

To find out more about me the author, click here.

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