17 Quantum

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17.1 Photoelectric Effect
17.2 Wave Model
17.3 Photon Model
17.4.0 Atomic Structure
+++17.4.1 Emission Spectrum
+++17.4.2 Absorption Spectrum
17.5.0 X-ray Spectra
+++17.5.1 Characteristic Lines
+++17.5.2 Bremsstrahlung Radiation
17.6.0 Wave-Particle Duality
+++17.6.1 Momentum of Photon
+++17.6.2 De Broglie Wavelength
+++17.6.3 Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle

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PhET Photoelectric Effect: Click HERE

PhET Neon Lights and Other Discharge Lamps: Click HERE

PhET Fourier: Making Waves: Click HERE

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