11 Thermal Physics

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11.1.0 Temperature Scale
+++11.1.1 Empirical Scale
+++11.1.2 Absolute Scale
11.2.0 Kinetic Theory of Matter
+++11.2.1 Temperature, Heat and Thermal Equilibrium
+++11.2.2 Specific Heat and Latent Heat
11.3.0 Ideal Gas             
+++11.3.1 Equation of State for an Ideal Gas            
+++11.3.2 Root-mean-square Speed
+++11.3.3 Pressure of an Ideal Gas
+++11.3.4 Internal Energy of an Ideal Gas
+++11.3.5 Heat and Work
11.4.0 First Law of Thermodynamics
+++11.4.1 P-V Diagram
11.5.0 Thermodynamic Processes
+++11.5.1 Isobaric
+++11.5.2 Isochoric
+++11.5.3 Isothermal
+++11.5.4 Adiabatic
11.6.0 Cyclic Processes
+++11.6.1 Path Dependence
+++11.6.2 Cyclic Process
Appendix A: Degree of Freedom
Appendix B: Otto Cycle

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