9 Waves

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9.1 What are Waves?
9.2 Transverse vs Longitudinal Waves
9.3 Graphical Representation
9.4 Wave speed             
9.5.1 Phase Relationship
+++9.5.2 Graphical Representation of Phase Relationship
9.6.1 Longitudinal Wave             
+++9.6.2 Interpretation of Longitudinal Wave Graphs
9.7 Electromagnetic wave
9.8 Intensity
9.9.1 Polarization
+++9.9.2 The Three Polarizer Problem

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🍏 Wave Speed {phet applet}

🍏 Longitudinal Wave {ngsir  applet}

🍏 Longitudinal Wave {cabrillo flash}

🍏 EM Wave {cabrillo flash}

🍏 Polarizers {cabrillo applet}