Hi! My name is Chua Kah Hean. I taught at Hwa Chong Institution for ~15 years before “retiring” on 4 July 2022.

One thing that bugs me big time is students getting stressed and lost when studying physics. Now physics research is hard. But the A-level physics is easy. Having (1) good resources and (2) good learning habits/attitude are probably the two crucial factors in making the A-level journey a fun and enjoyable one. As a teacher, I find it an embarrassment that (1) is not more widely available.

Hence(?), I have taken it upon myself to build xmphysics.com into a one-stop portal that provides all the resources one needs to enjoy (and ace) the A-level H2 Physics Examination. I have just booted up the xmMCQ. I am currently working on a xmNotes component. At some stage, I have to add a xmPractical component. It’s a humongous project that’s going to test my stamina,  resolve and faith. If you have benefitted from xmphysics.com, or if you find xmphysics a meaningful project, please consider supporting me.

If you’re from Singapore, you can paynow/paylah me!
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A note of appreciation and gratitude to my supporters.
Kelly Kuo $140
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Jayakumar Jayakavisankar $0.40

Thank you. I really appreciate your support. Your kindness is going to help many students to become confident learners, instead of frightened students reporting to exorbitant tuition centres.

Below is a brief summary of all the various xmphysics components that I have completed before 2022.

xmLecturexmTutorxmDemo | xmFlashCard | xmTYS | xmComic | yayaPhysics


xmLecture brings together all the xmphysics resources. Click here to access.

icon 512 pink

01 Measurement | 02 Kinematics| 03 Dynamics | 04 Forces | 05 Work Energy Power | 06 Circular Motion | …

The idea is to deliver xmphysics lectures in pdf documents, packed with clear explanations, supported by clickable links to awesome physics demonstrations and animations.


In 2017 I started making whiteboard-style short videos to explain specific concepts. URLs to youtube playlists are provided below. (URL)


I also have a blog and youTube channel running physics demonstrations illustrating A-level Physics concepts. The videos are hosted on youTube (youtube.com/xmdemo), and the blog (xmdemo.wordpress.com) provides brief explanations about the videos.


My most improbable project. I created an android app that puts flash cards into students’ handphones.


Practice with the Ten-Year-Series is a must for students preparing for the A-level examinations.

I maintain a blog at xmTYS.wordpress.com to provide worked solutions. While hardcopy TYS are arranged either by years or topics, my online version is searchable by years, topics and even concepts. This allows students to quickly retrieve questions of similar types testing the same concept.


6 wave vs particle

During the 2015 Dec holidays, I started dabbling in comics depicting physics concepts. I have published them as blogs on xmcomic.wordpress.com.

In the comics, the physics are very loosely applied so I can foresee many “education experts” accusing me of planting wrong physics in students’ minds. Duh.

I can’t really draw so most of the time I copy from other drawings (some of the characters I drew are clearly characters borrowed from Lat, a malaysian cartoonist). I managed to force my daughter to draw a few for me. She draws very well but she is not very enthusiastic about the assignment. Sigh.


Some time in 2013, I made a series of videos with the format of me chatting with Yaya, my 9-year-old daughter over some A-level physics concepts. It was my first attempt at making physics-related videos, so many of them were quite rough and unpolished. But some of them are quite memorable and have sentimental values for me. (URL)

9 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. I saw your youtube upload video about “tuning fork resonance”, and it was very well filmed. I would like to know if you could permit the use of this video for my university class. I will of course credit your name on the presentation. The university I teach at is Temple University Japan.

    Your website is also excellently made and very fun to watch. Thank you for this effort.

    I look forward to hearing your reply. Thank you.
    Tatsuki Matsui

  2. Many thanks. Do you accept some online donation to support your site? If so, please provide a payment (e-payment) method.

  3. Hi Mr Chua, I work for BBC Studios in the UK. We’ve seen your longitudinal wave animation on YouTube and would love to be able to use this in an upcoming kids’ film we are making about sound for BBC Earth’s YouTube channels. Could you please send me an email: sarah[dot]battensby[at] bbc[dot]com
    Thank you!

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